Friday, March 30, 2012


It took us a few days to finalize Apple and Boo's real-life names.  We had some ideas but we didn't know the sexes and we wanted to meet them before we named them.

It is almost hard to remember that time....we were exhausted, worried and happy all at the same time.  I remember reading in one of their charts "Parents are here a lot".  Ha ha!  But seriously, where else would we be?  I also remember my nurses being quite concerned about me and postpartum depression.  At the time I could not see it and could not understand why everyone was talking about it.  Oh, maybe because I just delivered two babies and they were in the hospital because they were so early!  I started having what I thought was a hard time breathing.  I couldn't lay down flat and was convinced when I fell asleep I stopped breathing and would wake back up with  a start.   On top of waking to pump every 3 hours, we were not getting much sleep and it was taking its toll on both of us, especially K-man who had been sleeping in the recliner next to me.  My doc was starting to get concerned too and she ended up ordering a ct scan on my lungs and keeping me an extra day...really I think though just so I could be with the babies for another night.  Or maybe it was because my feet looked like this!
My feet did not look like this until after the c-section!

The babies were really healthy for being so early.  Boo's only real concern was learning to breathe and eat at the same time.
Boo has been a stinker since the beginning

But what a sleeping angel!
 Apple was under the lights for the first few days...he really seemed to enjoy the warmth!
Just chilling on the beach in the sun

 We were in NICu for about 5 days and then we were moved to NIM, the intermediate care.  I felt like it was totally different over there and I did not like it.  Thankfully because we had two babies, we were normally in a room by ourselves.  Once Boo went home though after about 2 weeks, we had to start sharing rooms with other babies and I was "one of those moms".  I think I requested 4 maybe 5 room changes.  Most of them because the parents stunk of smoke. 

The night we had to leave the hospital without our babies was awful.  They had told me it would be the worst day but it turned out the day we took Boo home and had to leave Apple was by far the worst.

 Sorry for the delay in the story, last week we were in prep mode for the kids first ever friends birthday party and this week I have been recouping from the party I think! 

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