Friday, March 9, 2012

Who Do I Think I Am?!

I have been lucky lately to get out...a lot!  In the past two weeks I had book club, happy hour, dinner and a play, and dinner and a movie!  That is huge for me!  And I realize, more and more necessary to be who I want to be....
What do you other stay-at-home moms do for yourself to help be who you are?
The past few weeks isn't typical and it won't continue to trend that way but the warmer weather and being outside is making it easier!  I don't want this to be mistaken for complaining....I am not!  I am thankful every morning that I am able to be home with them when I lazily watch a cartoon while Apple and Boo drink their milk before we start playing castle, doctor or witch.
I know there are some of you who go out with your kids regularly but it just isn't worth it for me.  Boo seems to ruin it every time lately with poor behavior.  I really can't remember the last time I didn't leave somewhere without her under one arm, kicking and screaming with her belly sticking out of her shirt.  This is just a phase right?!  At least when one is throwing a tantrum, the other one is always super cooperative!
We are thankful for anything over here!

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Anonymous said...

Sarah! Awesome Blog! I love this post.... I remember those days and we still have some of them once in a while... I am certain Target remembers me dragging one kid by the arm screaming and holding the other one screaming! Mine do the same, one can be rotten and for some reason the other one will be an angel. It's like they know two at once might break mommy....