Monday, February 27, 2012

One for the Money

xAs I walked up to the library I was surprised to see that they are open until 9 during the week!  However, once I unsuccessfully pulled on the doors, I stood there and looked again at the sign, and then the doors, and then I peeked inside like in the past 8 years since I have been to the library they had switched to some secret code to get in.
A woman walked up and clearly embarrassed for me mumbled something about President's Day.
REALLY?!  I had been meaning to go to the library for almost a month now to pay my 8 year old fine and get a library card and the day I finally pull the trigger they are closed?!
It is Book Club tomorrow night and I wonder how the others will feel when I tell them not only did I not read the book but I didn't even get it?!
Maybe I can still make it to the library today and read it by tomorrow night at 7:30....right?!  Or better yet, is it still in the theaters?!

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