Wednesday, February 22, 2012

IUGR, Underweight, Preemie, Failure to Thrive, Anorexia

Apple has been called it all!  I think one time last summer Apple was on the weight chart at 1%, however, he has since fallen back off.
Our last visit to his developmental doctor, his growth chart had no curve to it, it just went straight across.  He is a really poor eater, he likes a lot of different things, it is just only when he is interested....which is not very often.  They talked about a swallow test and / or an intensive in-patient 8 week eating program.  K-man and I immediately said no.  He doesn't have any issues with swallowing, gagging or food aversions.  He is just not interested.
After another hour of chatting they started explaining how when someone starts starving themselves, eventually their bodies stop telling them to eat.  Anorexia.  They said basically our 3 year old son has anorexia.  His body just doesn't signal that it needs food.
We have since changed from Pediasure to Boost Essentials and he basically gets that whenever he wants.  And the weird thing is it seems like if he has some of that early in the morning, he will eat breakfast a little better.  Sometimes.
The past several days he has a few  However, today he has had almost a whole waffle, a strawberry, a handful of Rice Chex and Fruit Loops, 2 chicken nuggets, almost a whole baby carrot and 1/2 a piece of french toast!  In one day people!  That is huge for us and we will take whatever we can!
Look at that cheek-ful!

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