Thursday, February 16, 2012


I had felt an incredible rush to get their big kids bed done and ready for them to sleep in them.  I kept saying I had another inch of Boo growing before she could lean over and be too top heavy for her crib but then my obsession became that if Apple was in a big kid bed, he would finally sleep through the night and because he would be getting such awesome sleep, he would eat better and grow!
I mentioned that to a few people and while they didn't come right out and laugh in my face, they did think it would be a long stretch.  And realistically, way back in the deep parts of my head, I knew it too.
However, Apple has slept through the night 4 nights in a row!  In his own bed, without getting up!  And while I can not tell you yet how that will effect his eating and growth, it has got to be a good thing!
 I'd like to say something like "suck it" however I'm trying to stay positive now that I've had a couple of good nights sleep so I'll just say "Look Who's Sleeping Now!"  And by who I mean K-Man and this Momma!

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