Sunday, February 19, 2012

I May Owe You a Coke

Don't you hate it when the announcer says something like "He hasn't missed a field goal in the past 2 seasons" or "he has the best field goal percentage in the league" right when it is critical for your team to win?!
Or when K-man says, "I think they are finally down" and then I hear Boo whining and I think "Why?!  Why do you have to jinx it?!"
Well, I may owe you  coke.  The night of my Apple sleeps in his bed all night so you all can suck it post, he woke up.  And he did the next night too.
However, I am not running out to the store for that soda just yet because he did make it until 5 am this morning....
We will see what happens tonight.

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