Monday, February 27, 2012

One for the Money

xAs I walked up to the library I was surprised to see that they are open until 9 during the week!  However, once I unsuccessfully pulled on the doors, I stood there and looked again at the sign, and then the doors, and then I peeked inside like in the past 8 years since I have been to the library they had switched to some secret code to get in.
A woman walked up and clearly embarrassed for me mumbled something about President's Day.
REALLY?!  I had been meaning to go to the library for almost a month now to pay my 8 year old fine and get a library card and the day I finally pull the trigger they are closed?!
It is Book Club tomorrow night and I wonder how the others will feel when I tell them not only did I not read the book but I didn't even get it?!
Maybe I can still make it to the library today and read it by tomorrow night at 7:30....right?!  Or better yet, is it still in the theaters?!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

IUGR, Underweight, Preemie, Failure to Thrive, Anorexia

Apple has been called it all!  I think one time last summer Apple was on the weight chart at 1%, however, he has since fallen back off.
Our last visit to his developmental doctor, his growth chart had no curve to it, it just went straight across.  He is a really poor eater, he likes a lot of different things, it is just only when he is interested....which is not very often.  They talked about a swallow test and / or an intensive in-patient 8 week eating program.  K-man and I immediately said no.  He doesn't have any issues with swallowing, gagging or food aversions.  He is just not interested.
After another hour of chatting they started explaining how when someone starts starving themselves, eventually their bodies stop telling them to eat.  Anorexia.  They said basically our 3 year old son has anorexia.  His body just doesn't signal that it needs food.
We have since changed from Pediasure to Boost Essentials and he basically gets that whenever he wants.  And the weird thing is it seems like if he has some of that early in the morning, he will eat breakfast a little better.  Sometimes.
The past several days he has a few  However, today he has had almost a whole waffle, a strawberry, a handful of Rice Chex and Fruit Loops, 2 chicken nuggets, almost a whole baby carrot and 1/2 a piece of french toast!  In one day people!  That is huge for us and we will take whatever we can!
Look at that cheek-ful!

Monday, February 20, 2012

1 Boy, 1 Girl

It wasn't hard to figure out Apple & Boo's nursery, we didn't know what we were having so we kept everything neutral, you can see the pics here.  However, now that we are transitioning into our "big kid" beds, I am struggling with finding inspiration for a room shared by a boy and a girl.  I don't know how they would do being separated and frankly, I am not interested in finding out.  I always thought I would separate them at age 5...
They love castles, carousels, any form of transportation but I keep finding things like this:

Obviously, it is a bit harder to shop now because there are no longer gender neutral this point, you know!
So I am hoping to go for a more "around the world" theme since they love the Little Einsteins and have learned about so many different places and they already have a deep appreciation for art.
I think since my kids can tell you that this is a Van Gogh and the colors kind of work, I'm going to get this framed.
The curtains are staying so I need to keep the green and since I couldn't find any bed covers that worked, I am starting with this:

I am secretly hoping Emily Clark, a fabulous design blogger, will run into the same problem when she has her boy /girl twins!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

I May Owe You a Coke

Don't you hate it when the announcer says something like "He hasn't missed a field goal in the past 2 seasons" or "he has the best field goal percentage in the league" right when it is critical for your team to win?!
Or when K-man says, "I think they are finally down" and then I hear Boo whining and I think "Why?!  Why do you have to jinx it?!"
Well, I may owe you  coke.  The night of my Apple sleeps in his bed all night so you all can suck it post, he woke up.  And he did the next night too.
However, I am not running out to the store for that soda just yet because he did make it until 5 am this morning....
We will see what happens tonight.

Thursday, February 16, 2012


I had felt an incredible rush to get their big kids bed done and ready for them to sleep in them.  I kept saying I had another inch of Boo growing before she could lean over and be too top heavy for her crib but then my obsession became that if Apple was in a big kid bed, he would finally sleep through the night and because he would be getting such awesome sleep, he would eat better and grow!
I mentioned that to a few people and while they didn't come right out and laugh in my face, they did think it would be a long stretch.  And realistically, way back in the deep parts of my head, I knew it too.
However, Apple has slept through the night 4 nights in a row!  In his own bed, without getting up!  And while I can not tell you yet how that will effect his eating and growth, it has got to be a good thing!
 I'd like to say something like "suck it" however I'm trying to stay positive now that I've had a couple of good nights sleep so I'll just say "Look Who's Sleeping Now!"  And by who I mean K-Man and this Momma!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Easily Entertained

Happy Valentine's from the Good Knight!
What?!  You haven't been walking around with a trash can on your head for 2 days now?!  Apparently you are not "in the know" like Apple!
He obviously gets his entertainment value from his momma because do you know what is keeping my cheeks rosy today?  The yummy coffee I have been sipping from these new cups K-man got me for Valentine's!  We have been together for over ten years now and I do not remember another Valentine's that we actually acknowledged!
I have been talking about coffee cups for a few weeks now and for some reason couldn't pull the trigger on buying some because the ones I liked were $3.99 and I really envisioned that I wanted to pay $2.99......can you imagine what K-man has to endure living with me?!  Talking about not being able to find coffee cups, finally finding some but because they were $1 more than I thought I should pay?!
You can see why I got them for a gift!  Te he!  It is just so sweet he remembered and I was so surprised!

Monday, February 13, 2012


I continue to struggle with being behind on my blog and then putting it off because I am so far behind.  However, I read some advice from The Hollywood Housewife and I am just going to start where I am.
I wanted to start a new blog because I wanted to change it up a little and use it not just as a "baby book" for Apple and Boo but more about our lives in general.  Things I am working on, new activities they are doing, and what we are doing as a family.
Stay tuned!