Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Easily Entertained

Happy Valentine's from the Good Knight!
What?!  You haven't been walking around with a trash can on your head for 2 days now?!  Apparently you are not "in the know" like Apple!
He obviously gets his entertainment value from his momma because do you know what is keeping my cheeks rosy today?  The yummy coffee I have been sipping from these new cups K-man got me for Valentine's!  We have been together for over ten years now and I do not remember another Valentine's that we actually acknowledged!
I have been talking about coffee cups for a few weeks now and for some reason couldn't pull the trigger on buying some because the ones I liked were $3.99 and I really envisioned that I wanted to pay $2.99......can you imagine what K-man has to endure living with me?!  Talking about not being able to find coffee cups, finally finding some but because they were $1 more than I thought I should pay?!
You can see why I got them for a gift!  Te he!  It is just so sweet he remembered and I was so surprised!

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SydneyKathryn's said...

I love the new blog! It has been such a delight to follow you on Facebook, and watch the twins grow up.

You and K-man are awesome parents, and will be an encouragement to many others!