Monday, February 20, 2012

1 Boy, 1 Girl

It wasn't hard to figure out Apple & Boo's nursery, we didn't know what we were having so we kept everything neutral, you can see the pics here.  However, now that we are transitioning into our "big kid" beds, I am struggling with finding inspiration for a room shared by a boy and a girl.  I don't know how they would do being separated and frankly, I am not interested in finding out.  I always thought I would separate them at age 5...
They love castles, carousels, any form of transportation but I keep finding things like this:

Obviously, it is a bit harder to shop now because there are no longer gender neutral this point, you know!
So I am hoping to go for a more "around the world" theme since they love the Little Einsteins and have learned about so many different places and they already have a deep appreciation for art.
I think since my kids can tell you that this is a Van Gogh and the colors kind of work, I'm going to get this framed.
The curtains are staying so I need to keep the green and since I couldn't find any bed covers that worked, I am starting with this:

I am secretly hoping Emily Clark, a fabulous design blogger, will run into the same problem when she has her boy /girl twins!

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